Properly chosen technology of drying vegetables and fruits allows you to save the maximum amount of vitamins, trace elements and the whole composition of useful properties.
Dried vegetables are made on modern equipment, which allows to achieve the highest quality of products.
If the storage conditions are observed in terms of temperature and humidity, the shelf life of dried products is 3 years without adding any chemical preservatives or other impurities.
The initial stage of the technological process of production of dried vegetables takes place in an integrated manner: storage, transportation and preparation for production
Raw materials are prepared using washing machines, inspection conveyors and equipment for cleaning and performing auxiliary operations.
Depending on the type of product, in the next stage, semi-finished products fall into a blanching installation.
Further, all products pass through drying tunnels and enter special cooling boxes.
The final complex of the line equipment is a sorting and filling-packing machine (packaging),
Transportation of finished products, storage of finished products in warehouses

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Production Stages